Who I am

Simple really, I am Alex.

I am a second year Business IT & Management student at InHolland Alkmaar. In addition to a good dose of interest in tech, computers and web development, I am driven to find out how an app, process or product is created. This drives me to high results in the study, and ensures that I quickly take command within project groups.

In addition to the study, I also have a part-time job in perhaps the busiest place in the country: Amsterdam Central. Every working day I will be thrown again for the (hungry) lions. My "key to survival": calm, retrospective and change.

In my other time I am a Creative Communicative Consultant, which means that I help companies discover the right marketing strategies for their audience. This includes, but is not limited to: Social Media management, devising promotions, organizing product lunches and hosting events for the general public .. In the past, working with MSI, now for Aorus.

For relaxation, I build Wordpress websites, play with HTML, photograph and film, write about games and make reviews on my own blog ASNGaming.net.




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